Sept 18 2014 – General Meeting Minutes

General Member Meeting Minutes

September 18, 2014

Brant Pierce brought the General Membership meeting to order at 12:02 pm. The meeting was held at the Victoria Restaurant, located at 13435 Bee Street, Farmers Branch, TX 75234.



  • Brant Pierce announced that the General Rules of Antitrust Compliance would be followed. Copies of this statement were available at each table along with the last meeting minutes and various other handouts.
  • Attendees introduced themselves.



  • August meeting minutes were available at each table; Brant advised the Attendees and asked if all had read or had questions.
  • Motion:  Chris Sonderhouse motioned to accept to accept the minutes and Chris Shuman seconded the motion. The motion passed.


FINANCIAL – Jackie Schmidt

  • Our total liabilities and equity as of August 31, 2014 showed to be: $151,721.38.
  • Motion:  Kathleen Schraufnagel motioned to accept the report and Penny Hayter seconded the motion. The motion passed.


TRAINING – Chris Shuman

  • Chris advised that the September class was held at ADI on September 17th. There were 9 attendees. The October class will be held on the 15th at Tri-Ed. Class offerings are still to be determined. Information will be posted as quickly as possible.



  • Brant advised that there were no new ordinance issues.



  • Nathan read the proposed slate of directors and officers for 2014/2015 as provided by the nominating committee and then opened the floor for any additional nominations. There were no floor nominations.


President                              Kyle Beller Associate Director               Cassandra Hedrick
Vice President                      Kerry Brooks Director                               Cedric Bouligny
Secretary                              Sam Pieczynski Director                               Chris Shuman
Treasurer                              Jackie Schmidt Director                               Chancy Pray


  • Motion:  Nathan Bryant motioned to accept the slate of officers as read and Kathleen Schraufnagel seconded the motion. The motion passed.


SPEAKERS – Janie Morales and Jennifer Ramon / Fort Worth Alarm Unit

  • New On-line Permit Registration –The Alarm Unit only has two employees and they developed the new on-line registration processes to assist in streamlining their efficiencies. The on-line application should be live on October 1, 2014. The ordinance mandates No Permit / No Police Response.
  • The alarm user will be able to create a log-in and password and then complete an alarm permit application.
    • The application can also be printed, completed and mailed in or hand delivered. However, there must be two originals submitted. One will be returned to the Alarm Company upon completion of the registration so that the Alarm Company has the permit number.
    • There is currently a separate credit card form that can be completed and submitted with the manual application.
  • Each alarm company will be able to create one log-in / password. They will be able to check on the status of an alarm permit by putting in the primary phone number listed on the permit application.
    • Attendees asked if each company could pull a customer list by their company name instead of individual phone numbers. The attendees want to ensure that only the alarm company that owns the account is able to access it.
    • At this time the alarm company information is not going to be captured for reporting purposes. The Attendees asked if this could be done. This will be explored by the Alarm Unit.
  • Attendees were advised that while the above requests would be explored, due to all the projects already being worked on, it would most likely be early 2015 before they could be addressed. The Alarm Unit will keep NTAA informed as to the progress.
  • More Information – visit
    • Once the site is accessed, go to “Applications and Forms” and the documents are listed under “Alarms” in the “Alphabetical Order” section.
  • Beginning in December the payments will be going to the Chase Bank lock box. Chase will process the payments and send a receipt to the alarm user as well as reporting all the information to the Alarm Unit.
  • In early 2015 the new IVR system will be live and both alarm companies and customers will be able to call in for a status of their payments.
  • Attendees were also advised that they MUST comply with state law and provide the Alarm Unit with notifications of new activations within 30 days of occurrence.



  • Brant presented plaques to his Board of Directors, Committee Chairs and others in the organization that have contributed their time and effort to the betterment of the NTAA in the 2013/2014 fiscal year.



  • The Employee Agreements and Contracts being created for Members Only by Attorney Bob Regan, will be available on-line in early 2015.
  • The first on-line CEU class will be an Ethics class and it will be ready soon. Once the on-line CEU training is available, attendees will be able to track their CEU’s on line and print certificates after each class is completed.
  • In October the NTAA membership renewals will be available on-line and a reminder notification will be sent.
  • A benefit of the new NTAA website will be a mapping feature that will show alarm users where NTAA member-companies are located in their zip code area.


TBFAA REPORT – Nathan Bryant

  • Reminded everyone about the upcoming TBFAA Convention in Galveston, Texas. The Convention is October 1st – 4th and information can be found at the TBFAA website; .


NESA Update – Chris Russell

  • No report given.



  • The next regular General Membership meeting will be October 16, 2014 at 11:30am at the Victoria Restaurant.



  • Motion: Chancy Pray motioned to adjourn. The meeting concluded at 12:47pm.


Recorded by: Kathleen Schraufnagel

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