Oct 16 2014 – General Meeting Minutes

October 16th, 2014

Kyle Beller brought the General Membership meeting to order at 11:50 am. The meeting was held at the Victoria Restaurant, located at 13435 Bee Street, Farmers Branch, TX 75234.



  • Kyle Beller announced that the General Rules of Antitrust Compliance would be followed. Copies of this statement were available at each table along with the last meeting minutes and various other handouts.
  • Christmas Party is scheduled for Friday, December 5th.
  • Attendees introduced themselves.



  • September meeting minutes were available at each table; Brant advised the Attendees and asked if all had read or had questions.
  • Motion:    Kathleen Schraufnagel motioned to accept to accept the minutes and Chris Shuman seconded the motion. The motion passed.


FINANCIAL – Jackie Schmidt

  • Our total liabilities and equity as of October 13th, 2014 showed to be: $145,129.85.
  • Motion:  Brant Pierce motioned to accept the report and Chris Shuman seconded the motion. The motion passed.


TRAINING – Chris Shuman

  • Chris advised that the October class was cancelled. The November class will be held on the 20th at Wave. Class offerings are still to be determined, and Joe Carr with UCC will be doing Ethics over lunch. Traci Brown with Wave is looking for instructors. Information will be posted as quickly as possible.



  • Brant advised that there is some activity; however he would like to talk about it at a later date..


SPEAKERS – Corporal Gordon with Texas Chisholm Trail Crime Prevention Association (TCTCPA)

  • Corporal Gordon works for The City of Euless Police Department. He is a member of the TCTCPA and put together a program call SAFE. It was designed as preventative measures for convenience and cash checking locations, and goes along with their new Alarm Ordinance. They offer a better environmental design such as requiring cameras, an alarm system, height strip, and other requirements. For more details on SAFE Program, call Corporal Gordon at (817) 685-1536.
  • In 90 days The City of Euless will be enforcing their Alarm Ordinance. They will have over eighty officers doing random inspections. If we had any questions on this to please contact him directly Tuesday through Friday at (817) 685-1686.
  • TCTCPA covers the North Texas area. They actually split the area with the North Texas Crime Prevention Association (NTCPA) whom mainly covers Dallas, and TCTCPA covers Fort Worth.
  • Invited everyone to join them at the Mid-Winter Conference on January 18th-21st in Fort Worth. They will be hosting the Hospitality Room. More details on conference at TCPA.org. As well, Corporal Gordon invited everyone to join their next TCTCPA meeting on November 13th. More details on www.TCTCPA.net.
  • TCTCPA and NTAA would be great partners in the industry in working together. Kerry Brooks made mention that during the SAFE Program courses that they should recommend a member of the NTAA. He asked that she please follow-up with him later on more information.


TBFAA REPORT – Nathan Bryant

  • Nathan was not present. Brant Pierce noted that Brad Shipp is working on getting CEU certificates out from the TBFAA Conference.


NESA Update – Chris Russell

  • Chris was not present; however, it was mentioned they are working on Legislative stuff for 2015.



  • The next regular General Membership meeting will be November 20th, 2014 at 11:30am at the Victoria Restaurant.



  • Motion: Kyle Beller motioned to adjourn. The meeting concluded at 12:25 pm.


Recorded by: Sam Pieczynski

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