New Pocket Cards

The Texas Department of Public Safety / Private Security Program are now issuing the new hard plastic pocket card for registrants.

This new pocket card uses the picture from the Texas Driver License or Texas ID card database for the picture on the card.

If you hire an employee who does not have a Texas Driver License or Texas issued ID card, no picture or signature will be printed on the pocket card. There will simply be a blue field where the picture would be located.

It is important to notify the card holder that they MUST carry a picture ID with them along with their pocket card in this situation. Typically the picture ID would be their driver license/ identification card from the state they moved from.

Remind the employee that they are obligated to obtain a Texas driver license once they have moved to Texas.

Law enforcement agencies are being notified of this situation with pocket card pictures and will be instructed to ask for another form of picture ID if the registrant’s pocket card does not have a picture printed on it when issued by the DPS.

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