Jan 15 2015 – General Meeting Minutes

January 15th, 2015

Kyle Beller brought the General Membership meeting to order at 11:45 am. The meeting was held at the Victoria Restaurant, located at 13435 Bee Street, Farmers Branch, TX 75234.



  • Kyle Beller announced that the General Rules of Antitrust Compliance would be followed. Copies of this statement were available at check-in table along with the last meeting minutes and various other handouts.
  • Attendees introduced themselves.


MEETING MINUTES – November 2014

  • A few copies of the November meeting minutes were available at the registration table; Kyle Beller advised the Attendees and asked if all had read or had questions.
  • Motion:    Cassandra Hedrick motioned to accept to accept the minutes and Chris Shuman seconded the motion. The motion passed.


FINANCIAL – Malcolm Reed

  • Our total liabilities and equity as of January 11, 2015 showed to be: $158,093.38.
  • Kyle Beller made an announcement was made to please renew 2015 NTAA Membership through website.
  • Motion:  Chris Shuman motioned to accept the report and Chris Sonderhouse seconded the motion. The motion passed.


TRAINING – Chris Shuman

  • Chris Shuman advised that the Training is now quarterly, and on February 18th CEU Training will be hosted at ADI.



  • Brant was not present.



  • Kyle stated there is not an update at this time. More details to come at a later meeting.


SPEAKER – Roy Horn with Texas Burglar and Fire Alarm Association

  • Roy noted that there he is working on some proposed changes to be made to the State Fire Marshal’s office, and that he would like to put together a committee to do so.
  • Other locations he will soon be visiting are Houston, San Antonio, Dallas (today), and Austin.
  • The proposal includes items such as the rules and regulations need to be different for commercial and residential on some things, and that those rules and regulations are not currently regulated.
  • If anyone wanted to get involved or had any suggestions or comments to please contact Roy via email at Roy@CIETexas.com


TBFAA REPORT – Nathan Bryant

  • Rex Adams advised the TBFAA Convention will be held in San Antonio this year. Nathan was not present.


NESA Update – Chris Russell

  • Chris Russell was not present. Nothing to report per Rex.


RAFFLE DRAWING – Cassandra Hedrick and Sam Pieczynski

  • Announcements were made about the upcoming Golf Tournament and CEU certificates for General Meeting attendance.



  • The next regular General Membership meeting will be February 19th, 2015 at 11:30 am at the Victoria Restaurant.



  • Motion:    Chancy Pray motioned to adjourn. The meeting concluded at 12:55pm.


Recorded by: Sam Pieczynski

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